Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) in Manahawkin

Your teeth are made of three different parts. The enamel is the hard, outer layer. Beneath the enamel is the dentin, which makes up most of your tooth. Within a hollow space in the dentin is the pulp, which is made of nerves and other live tissues.

If the tooth becomes damaged so that the pulp is exposed, an infection can result. Infection of the pulp is dangerous and can result in loss of your tooth. To treat this infection, and save the tooth from being lost, we use an endodontic treatment known as root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy consists of procedures to clear infected tissues from the inside of the tooth and prevent further infection. Once the root canal therapy is complete, the tooth can be sealed and restored, if necessary, with a crown.

If you have any questions about root canal therapy, or if you have a severe toothache, contact our office.

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