Single Visit Restorations in Manahawkin

Do you need a dental restoration such as a crown? Would you like to get it done in a single day?

How PlanScan works

An PlanScan restoration begins with a digital scan of your teeth. This process replaces the messy and uncomfortable impression trays traditionally used in dentistry.

Once the digital scan is complete, we design your restoration in the PlanScan system and make color selections. When the design is finalized, the system produces your restoration on a device called a ceramic mill. It uses a special technique to “carve” your restoration from a single small block of dental ceramic.

When the restoration has been produced, we check it in your mouth for fit and color, make any necessary adjustments, and cement it in place.

Advantages of PlanScan

Besides being fast and convenient, PlanScan has several other advantages. Restorations designed with PlanScan are very precise and can be placed with only minor adjustments. In addition, the ceramic material used is extremely strong and designed to simulate natural teeth, so your restorations will look and feel natural and last a long time.

If you’d like to learn more about PlanScan single-visit restorations, call us today!

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